Thank you to all our members, community partners and staff who joined in Envisioning the Brightest Future of Vermont Federal Credit Union.  The goal of this summit was to bring together a diverse group to engage in new thinking and create positive change for the organization.  We are excited to share that, as a result of the summit, we will be rolling out instant issue debit cards in the branches in late 2016 and we now offer the ability to send money to individuals within online banking and the Mobile Banking App.


The Steering Committee came up with five themes from the summit that arose throughout the day. The sub-committees were formed by the themes. Individuals from the Steering Committee had the opportunity to volunteer to be on the sub-committee of their liking. The five themes were as follows:

  • Financial Education in Schools
  • Creating a Positive Work Culture
  • Welcoming New Employees
  • Creating Programs for the Younger Generations
  • Community Involvement

We invite you to get involved and be a part of the change. Click Here to view the drawings from the day of the summit. Take a few minutes to revisit all of the great ideas that came from that day and email any suggestions, questions or additional themes to envision@vermontfederal.org.

Inspirational Speakers:

A big thank you to our inspirational speakers.  Click the links below to learn more about the organizations they represent:


  • Equal Housing Lender
  • Falcon ATM Network
  • Credit Union Service Centers
  • Vermont Federal Investment Services Insurance Products
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