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Many people associate a home equity line of credit with home improvement projects. It makes sense. Home is right in the name, right? But the beauty of a HELOC from Vermont Federal is that you can use that money for anything you want. You can use your line of credit to buy new appliances, payoff student debt, or get that big TV you always wanted. The fact is, a HELOC is a great way to pay for things you need. And those that you simply want. And, of course, it also comes in handy for any home improvement projects you might tackle as well.

With our current 3.99% APR* introductory offer for 12 months (8% APR non-promotional rate), there is no better time than now to explore all of the possibilities.

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*APR is the Annual Percentage Rate on the loan. The interest rate of 3.99% is quoted “as low as” and is subject to an evaluation of your credit. Rates may vary from those listed above. All rates quoted are subject to change monthly. Promotional rate is fixed for 12 months from the closing date 7n the loan. After 12 months, the rate is tied to the variable Prime Lending Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal and is as low as Prime Rate minus 0.50% with a floor of 3.50% APR. As of 7/23/23 the Prime Lending Rate is 8.50% APR. Maximum APR is 18.00% at a maximum of 80% loan to value (LTV) of the tax assessed or appraised value. For new lines of credit the Credit Union pays up to $416 of the closing costs. Costs range from $341 to $850, depending on the need for an appraisal. Additionally, members may be required to pay for title examination. Promotional rate is valid on all new home equity lines of credit ONLY. Existing lines of credit are not eligible for the promotional rate. Primary residence only. Collateral property must be located in the state of Vermont. Minimum credit line is $15,000. Property insurance is required. All loans are subject to credit approval. Must be a member of the Credit Union to obtain a loan. $5 Share Deposit required for Credit Union membership. Additional restrictions may apply. Promotion subject to change or end at any time without notice. Other rates and terms are available. Vermont Federal Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender.