At Vermont Federal, we believe in consistently giving back to the communities that we serve. We need your help to find out about all of the meaningful charitable contribution and sponsorship opportunities.

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Charitable Contributions & Sponsorship Requests

We recognize that many requests for charitable contributions and sponsorships are valid and merit our attention. Our Community Giving Committee reviews requests for contributions/sponsorships on a monthly basis. This process ensures that our dollars are being used in harmony with the overall mission of the Credit Union and in keeping with our corporate values.


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Eligibility Guidelines

While we recognize that there are thousands of worthwhile charities, activities and events that merit Vermont Federal's financial support, sponsorship dollars will be primarily awarded to the following areas of focus:

  • Youth/Education - Programs that assist youth in growth and development and in particular, financial education for children and young adults
  • Arts & Culture - Programs that cultivate the well-being of humanity through literature, food/drink, music and other fine arts and performances.

When considering charitable contribution and sponsorship requests, we will give preference to 501(c)3 or certified not-for-profit organizations that reflect the Credit Union's values such as responsible fiscal management and productive community involvement.

While sports team sponsorships will be considered, we will not consider sponsorships for individual sport activities, pageants, religious activities, political activities and/or groups/events that may have a conflict of interest with the Credit Union.

The charitable contribution and sponsorship request guidelines are not all inclusive, and consideration will be at the discretion of Vermont Federal Credit Union.


For Vermont Federal to provide charitable contributions or become a sponsor, requests should be submitted as follows:

Submit a minimum of 45 days prior to the date of requested contribution for the event or program.

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When considering sponsorships, the cover letter and sponsorship application will be used to determine:

  • If the request falls into one of Vermont Federal’s primary areas for consideration
  • If the request reflects the values of the Credit Union
  • If the request fits into the Credit Union charitable contribution and sponsorship budget
  • If the request provides public relations or partnership opportunities for the Credit Union


In situations where we have awarded a sponsorship or charitable contribution to an organization, a check will be mailed per the contact information on the application. Checks must be made payable to organizations, not individuals

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Vermont Federal will provide volunteers, banners, and other materials needed for events. Coordination for volunteers and logistics should go through the Marketing Department.

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Do you know of a meaningful Charitable Contribution or sponsorship opportunity?