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Our Statement on Social Injustice

June 22, 2020 -
We are in the midst of a very challenging period in the history of our country.  The horrific deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery have once again shined a spotlight on the challenges our country continues to face in regard to social injustice.

These incidents have set in motion a call to action that requires us to listen and look within to insist upon change for ourselves, our credit union and our communities. We believe that Black Lives Matter.  There is no place in our society for bigotry, racism or hatred.  It is not what our country stands for and it should not be tolerated.

As an organization, we have a profound responsibility to promote equality, fairness and decency in our community and in our workplace.  This will involve listening to our Black community to understand the challenges and hurdles that need to be overcome. We will focus internally and will continue to educate ourselves.  This also will require us to focus on our community relations, volunteerism and activism around the issues of racial inequality, violence and oppression.

Like many of you, we don't have all of the answers, nor would we pretend to.  What we can promise, however, is that we will engage experts to aid us in investigating ways in which our credit union can be a better ally for the Black community. We are a not-for-profit organization and part of our DNA is to help people, and we promise to seize upon this unprecedented time to do more.  To be better.  To make real change happen. 

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