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Join Us For Our 71st Annual Meeting!

Please join us for Vermont Federal Credit Union's 71st Annual Meeting. Your involvement helps us steer the future of the Credit Union with your needs in mind. 


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Why Should You Join a Credit Union?


  • We're owned by you

    We're a cooperative, owned by our members

  • We're Local

    Money deposited into the Credit Union stays here in Vermont and is used to support the loan products offered by Vermont Federal

  • We're not-for-profit

    This means fewer and lower fees for you

  • We care about you

    We work to improve the economic and social well-being of all members.

  • We believe in education

    We educate our members through ongoing seminars and one-on-one consultations with Member Service Representatives

  • We support our community

    We are actively involved in our communities, supporting charities, community events, youth and collegiate sports and higher education aspirations.


It’s an easy choice

Choosing a financial institution may feel daunting, but with so many great reasons to join Vermont Federal, what are you waiting for?

Why Vermont Federal?

When you bank with Vermont Federal, you’ll quickly learn that we are a lot like you rooted in Vermont, out and about in the community, and facing many of the same financial challenges. And that’s what makes us different. Because we share a similar lifestyle, we can relate, anticipate and satisfy your banking needs every step of your journey.

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Our Purpose

Helping Vermonters prosper, no matter where they
may be on life's journey.


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Core Values

  • We do the right thing, always.

  • We believe wholeheartedly in what we do.

  • We're genuine, generous, and kind.

  • We respect each other, regardless of our differences.

  • We go above and beyond for members and each other.


At Vermont Federal Credit Union, we are dedicated to improving the communities that we serve with
financial support, donations, sponsorships, volunteerism, and education.

Community Involvement when Banking with Vermont Federal


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