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We’re here to help make the process quick, easy, and painless. With flexible terms and affordable payments, we can help you get the vehicle that you want or drive your payment down, and save you money with our great refinancing options.

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Vehicle financing is quick, easy, and painless with Vermont Federal

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Paysaver Loan

Many people choose to lease their car so they can enjoy lower monthly payments. But at the end of the lease, they have to turn in the car with no residual benefits. Our Paysaver Loan is similar to a lease, but you own the vehicle which offers you greater flexibility both during the loan and at loan maturity. You can now have lower payments and still have the option to sell, trade or pay off your balance at any time. We like to think it’s a loan that gives you the best of both worlds. Some of the benefits of a Paysaver loan include:

  • Offers payments up to 40% lower than conventional financing
  • No Money Down
  • A payment you can afford
  • Reduces your risk of negative equity
  • Mileage options include 7,500, 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000
  • No "Back End Surprise"
  • Local Return Option at loan maturity
  • The option to keep your vehicle is easy


Vermont Federal PaySaver Auto Loan

Protect Your Investment

We offer a great set of options to keep you on the road.

Payment Protection

Designed to help relieve the financial stress and worry related to making loan payments when your life takes an unexpected turn due to:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Involuntary Unemployment
Reduce your financial stress with Vermont Federal
Loan Payment Protection

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Get a Pre-Approved Check!

You can get pre-approved for an auto loan and receive a check that can be used at car dealerships throughout Vermont and New York. This can increase your negotiating power and limit trips between our branches and the dealership, making the process that much easier. Find out if you are eligible!

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Insurance Verification

As part of your loan obligation, you are required to maintain physical damage insurance for the full term of your loan. You may have received a letter from Vermont Federal requesting a copy of your insurance. If you have not already responded or asked your agent to respond to us, you can submit your insurance information online by following the steps below:

      • Visit our secure Insurance Verification Webpage
      • Submit your insurance information on the secure website
      • We will verify your insurance information
      • Once verified, this will be added to your loan account
      • You will receive notification that we were able to confirm your insurance


*Insurance Verification applies to all secured loans offered by Vermont Federal only.

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